What type of Leadership do you practice?

A COP Keeping people in line


A CEOChief Energy Officer

The later is the more effective!


Does Your Team Suffer from S.T.D’s?

What is S.T.D?

SStaffingAre you selecting the right players?
TTrainingAre you doing more than “event” training?
DDevelopmentAre you spending quality “life coaching” with your team?


  • When interviewing  possible team members do you have a pre-determined set of questions to qualify the candidate for the role you are looking to fill?
  • Do you have a job description and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that you can share with the candidate to determine if in their mind they are realistic and achievable?  Are they defeated before they even start?
  • Are you using a personality predictor test to determine if they have the right “mindset” to perform the duties of the position as well as giving you as their coach an insight as to how to train and coach them?


  • Are you following the basic fundamentals of educating your staff?:
    1.Theory – They need to understand what and why we do what we do.
    2.Mechanics –  What we do and how we do it; this is done through practice and role play
    3.Practical Application – They need to know it’s ok to jump in the pool.
  • Is this training done daily or are we holding “event” training; one and done?
  • Digital Training – Are you recording your staff live and in role plays to re-play the “game film” to help them improve?


  • Are you holding your team accountable with Minimum Standards – Fair, Reasonable, Attainable. They need to know what the goals are as well as the boundaries.  If you don’t hold them accountable you foster a culture of mediocrity and entitlement that will erode your ability to lead and your team to perform at its full potential.
  • Are you giving your team the needed praise when a job is well done as well as the needed corrections when expectations aren’t met?
  • Catch people doing thing right!  This helps develop the habits you want modeled on your team.

Remember it’s personal not business…your team is made up of people with feeling, thoughts and fears.  It is up to the Leader to break through that invisible barrier of personal distractions and help move them towards their goals.