A Lesson in Persistence from My Daughter the High School Athlete 


This picture was taken in 2011 when my daughter was in the seventh grade and attended a softball camp hosted by the Howell High School Varsity Softball team. She had been playing softball for several years prior to this date but it was after this camp that it seemed she developed the love for the game and the desire to wear the Green and Gold of the Lady Highlanders. Over the next several years she played, practiced and prepared for that spring tryout her freshman year. Although she didn’t make varsity she wasn’t too disappointed because she had made the JV team as a freshman. So she worked hard during the season and played travel ball during the summer and worked out in the winter nervously waiting the spring tryouts. March came and at the end of tryouts, heartbreak again. Although the coaches liked what they saw they felt it would be better if she played one more year at JV to gain more game experience. Although again disappointed she went back to work, playing practicing and preparing.  As March of her junior year rolled around she was especially confident about tryouts this time because she knew all the hard work she had put in as well as the excitement of a new coaching staff, this year was going to be different; but no heartbreak again. As a parent you hurt when your child hurts and that was one of the toughest car rides home after picking her up after finding out she had not made varsity. She said the coaching staff wanted her to stay and be a part of the program but wanted her to play a third year on JV, I asked her what she wanted to do and between the tears she said “I just want to play ball”. So she went back to work, had her best year ever in JV, hit the weight room all summer, played travel ball and pitching lessons on most Saturday’s all at the same time playing basketball for her high school team.  So here we are spring of her senior year and tryouts are upon us and we finally get the call “I made Varsity!”.  I couldn’t be more proud. Even if she never plays a single inning or gets a single at bat, she has won. She has proven to all the young girls coming behind her and to me that if you just keep working with a singled mindedness on a goal you can achieve most anything regardless of what others think of you. 


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