There is an exhaustive amount of research studies that reveal why people buy or don’t buy automobiles and many of these studies have given us some interesting insights….

Of those customers who said that they were impressed with the dealership where they bought, 80% say the major reason was the salesperson.

Of those customers who were disappointed with the dealership and bought elsewhere, 60% say the major reason was because of the salesperson.

So what this research shows is that how the salesperson treats and relates to the customer has everything to do with whether a sale is made or lost to another dealership who relates or treats the customer better and it’s not about the price or payments.

So what do customers look for and expect in dealing with a salesperson?

The majority of the researches say customers are impressed by a salesperson that is:

_____  Friendly

_____ Courteous

_____  Helpful

_____  Informative

_____  Knowledgeable

_____  Patient 

Customers also have high expectations and want their salesperson to do the following:

_____  Must be neat and professionally dressed

_____  To be trustworthy

_____  To be upbeat and positive

_____  Quickly acknowledge them upon their arrival

_____  Treat the customer with respect

_____  Move at the speed that best suites the customer

_____  Assist them in selecting the “right” vehicle

_____  Provide a presentation and demonstration ride

_____  Make the negotiations as “painless” as possible

_____  Make no unrealistic promises about warranties

Use this list as a tool to evaluate yourself.  Check those areas where you may need some improvement and always remember to listen to your customers as they will always tell you what you need to do to sell them a car.


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