Attributes of a Professional Salesperson

Being in management for twenty-three of the twenty-five years that I have been in the car business I have been asked by hundreds of salespeople what it takes to be a successful salesperson, the answer is as simple as it is complicated.  There are hundreds of different skills that a salesperson needs to master in order to become a professional.  A sales professional must be an expert on their product, be able to demonstrate their product matching dominate buying motives to the features and benefits of their products.  A professional salesperson must be an expert in communication, listening and cognitive thinking.  A professional salesperson must be able to ask the right questions at the right time and they need to master multiple closing techniques.  Now all of the aforementioned are really skills that can be taught to most anyone if they possess or have developed the four attributes of a successful person.  Those attributes are as follows.

Highly professional salespeople are PROACTIVE in all areas of their lives.  They do not wait for the future to happen they go out and create the future that they want.  They are especially PROACTIVE about their appearance and about prospecting.  Professionals not only act the part but they look the part.  Their clothes are not thread bare or worn, they may not be the most expensive clothes but they are always neat and pressed. They polish their shoes and get their haircut and shave all before its needed.  Professionals don’t leave their looks to chance. Professionals are also serious about prospecting.  Professionals don’t leave their production up to the markets, they create their own markets.  By creating a constant stream of prospective clients they not only are producing sales for today but placing customers into their data base that they can call upon when the next down turn happens.

Professionals have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  As a leader and professional we do not have the luxury of having a bad day.  Our attitude, good or bad, can be seen, sensed and felt by others.  Now a POSITIVE ATTITUDE won’t allow me to do anything I want but the things that I can do  it will allow me to perform at a higher level.  Our attitude is our choice.  Viktor Frankl in his book Mans Search for Meaning concluded that mans ultimate freedom is his ability to choose his attitude.  Choose your attitude wisely.

All professionals are TENACIOUS WITH KNOWLEDGE.  Professional salespeople are constantly learning about their product, people and their processes.  Professionals pride themselves in being product experts.  They not only know what the features of their product are but the advantages and benefits of their product and can match those benefits to their customers dominate buying motives.  Professionals are amateur psychiatrists.  They are able to quickly recognize the dominate personality type of their customers (DISC) and can communicate with their guests using the skills learned studying Neuro-linguistic programing (NLP).  Finally professionals know how to assist their customers through their buying process using proper questioning and closing techniques to benefit the customer.

You will be hard pressed to find a professional in any field especially sales who doesn’t have a GAME PLAN.  Professionals work on the know system and not the hope system.  They have a GAME PLAN for training, follow-up and mind-set.  Professionals do not wait for someone else to provide training opportunities for them.  Professionals are avid readers, attend workshops, listen to podcasts and surround themselves with other professionals to learn as much as they can.  Professionals stay in constant contact with their current customer base of owners and potential owners.  They are constantly putting their name and product in front of as many people on a daily basis as possible.  Finally professionals have a GAME PLAN to control their mind-set by limiting the amount of negative material they view and listen to and instead replace it with positive books, music and thoughts.

The question now is will you be PROACTIVE and create a GAME PLAN to create the KNOWLEDGE that is needed to be that professional in sales so that you can be a POSITIVE influence with your customers, family and community.


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