Are you holding an ACE in the hole?



“One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards.”-Oscar Wilde

If you have ever played cards there is no better feeling than holding that ACE in the hole.  An ACE in the hole gives you the confidence to play your hand more aggressive and more boldly than you would normally play.  An ACE makes you feel like you can win most any hand.  Those who are successful in life have that same  ACE in the hole that gives them that same confidence to be aggressive and bold.  What is that ACE; that hidden card that some people seem to have?

A winners ACE in the hole is:

A-ttitude : We all have an attitude whether positive or negative. People can see, sense and feel our attitude. Are you the type of person that people like to be around? Do people turn to you if they need help? Do people do business with you because they see the value that you bring to the transaction or just because you have the lowest price? These answers are all determined by your attitude.

C-haracter : A person’s character determines their destiny. From Presidents to sports stars many a leader has fallen in disgrace because of poor choices and flaws in their character. How is your character? What words do people use to describe you when you are not around? Do people use words to describe you like trustworthy, dependable, loyal, industrious, moral and servant leader?

E-xecution : The winners in life have a game plan and then they execute that plan. They take ownership of their life and, win or lose, they hold themselves accountable for those results. What winners don’t do is adjust or lower the bar! What winners do is make adjustments to attain their goals. Winners know that if they don’t get their desired results, they examine where their execution broke down and make the necessary adjustments or seek out help in order to get the results they want.

Unlike a deck of cards there are an unlimited number of ACEs, enough that every person can play one. The question is will you bluff your way through life, fold from fear or play your winning hand.


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