Trust: The Catalyst of all Sales

Trust  is the basis for all relationships and the catalyst for all sales.  Without trust  the sale becomes a transactional commodity.  Without trust  you have to be the absolute cheapest or have the only one in the area to secure the sale and the chance for repeat and referral business is difficult if not impossible.

When we develop trust  it becomes more about the value of your product or service and what you as a person brings to the sale and less about the price. High trust  also means a shorter decision time frame as well as a shorter negotiation period.

The quickest way to develop trust  is to give people a healthy dose of vitamin “C ” ; Competence, Confidence and Communication.

Trust is developed when people deal with professionals who are competent and show an expertise in their products and processes.

Trust is more often lost than gained when dealing with people who show a lack of confidence in their products and processes.  When you show a lack of confidence you are exhibiting the same body language as someone who is being untruthful. Be sure to not only speak well of your product but walk proudly as well.

High trust  is best established with good communication. High trust people not only know what to say but when and how to say it.  They are able to adapt their communication style and speed to that of their customers personality.

Finally high trust  people also communicate why  they do what they do. As Simon Sinek states in his book Start with Why : “people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.”


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