As business picks up and we begin to build momentum it will be easy to forget about our recent down turn and struggles. Now having a short term memory when it comes to failure is a sign of a true winner. However, forgetting our struggles and riding the wave of the current momentum can make one over confident and complacent. As we enjoy the upward trend of sales we may decide that we don’t need or are too busy to recruit, interview and hire new talent to replace our under performing members. Or worse yet we stop training and sacrifice our processes with the mindset “hey we don’t need that stuff, we’re selling cars aren’t we?”. When we have momentum either negative, like we had for several years or positive like we are currently experiencing, we must remember as Leaders that we were never as bad as we may have thought we were and we aren’t as good as we now think that we are. Momentum is good as long as we stay grounded and continue to follow our game plans and processes.


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